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Chuck's musings

Christmas Eve Online, Tree of Life


Hi, everyone! Here is some of what's happening at Byers Avenue...

Due to the ongoing pandemic and at the request of our Bishop, we have temporarily suspended in-person Worship at Byers. This includes our Christmas Eve service, which will be offered in an online format only. I would encourage you to remain intentional in your faith life, especially in this time of not meeting together. We are all disappointed, but there are ways to remain engaged with the church and more importantly with the God who chose to become one of us in Jesus. We will get through this, and I believe we'll come back even stronger as a church. Let's be patient and offer grace to one another as we navigate through this difficult season.

I want to thank everyone who donated money and/or gifts to our ministry partnership with God's Resort. Many families were blessed through our congregation's generosity. Another opportunity to give has presented itself through the Choices' Tree of Life Campaign. You should receive additional information concerning the Tree of Life within the next day or so.

That is all for now. Keep loving God and one another, and, as always, stay on mission! It's great serving as your pastor! - Pastor Chuck